are you ready to take your fitness to the next level? 

our circuit training classes will do just that, and fast!

HIIT the circuits

Circuit training is a form of high intensity interval training that utilizes 10-12 different stations that each target different muscle groups and incorporate both strength training and cardiac endurance. The continuously changing movements and sequences keep your muscles guessing and your heart rate consistently elevated - a combo that builds muscle fast and kicks your fat-burning furnace into high gear!

personalized attention

Because Blast is limited to only 12 students per class, our trainers are laser focused on your form and technique throughout the workout so you'll never feel lost or confused. All fitness levels are welcomed and encouraged! Personalized variations are always offered to accommodate fitness levels, physical restrictions, and/or injuries. 

professional & experienced personal trainers

Classes are led by highly accredited personal trainers who are obsessed with proper form for safe, effective results. Our trainers use their diverse knowledge of fitness to create a fresh workout for every class to keep you from plateauing. 

Some of the pieces of equipment we love include: battle ropes, power tower, TRX suspension trainer, stability bars, dumbbells/free weights, monster bands, jump boxes, slam balls, BOSU balance trainer and much more!

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