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Spring It On?


Do you feel like you're always chasing your fitness goals, but never really catching them? Have you hit a plateau and aren’t sure how to take it to the next level? Do you have a weight-loss or muscle-tone goal, but aren’t quite sure how to get there? 


Or maybe you don’t have any specific fitness goals at this time, but you just want to feel better and have more energy, confidence and clarity. We feel you! This is why our Spring It On Challenge was born!




April 1st - May 31st

Spring It On is an 8 week challenge designed to track tangible changes in your body and fitness level. All participants will have a body composition analysis at the beginning, middle, and end of the 60 days. 


The winner of the 2 month challenge will be the individual with the greatest overall transformation, and, he/she will win a 1 month unlimited membership. 





Increasing your fitness level isn’t all about your weight!  Our new body composition monitor will provide your BMI (Body Mass Index), body fat %, muscle % and more! These stats will allow you to track the specific changes you make in your body over the next 2 months!




Weigh-in and measurements start tomorrow!

Friday 5am - 5:30am & 7am-9:15am

Saturday 6:30am-11am

Sunday 7:45am - 11am


$25 Entry Fee


The analysis is MOST accurate if performed in the morning before you have had anything to eat or drink. The analysis can NOT be performed after working out, so you must do itbefore your ride. 


The test takes about 2 minutes to perform. Please come at least 30 minutes before your scheduled class so that we have the time for everyone. We already have a TON of people signed up, so it's going to be a busy weekend. This will also give you time for some water or a snack before your ride.


If you haven't signed up yet and would like to, please email us HERE and tell us when you plan to come for your entry analysis, and whether you'd like to pay the $25 entry fee in cash or on your credit card on file.





We will provide the following tools along the way to help you maximize your results and turn this challenge into a lifestyle transformation:


  • Healthy recipes, meal prep & grocery lists

  • Nutrition counseling

  • Workout of the Week - simple sequences that can be done at home to complement your work here in the studio.

  • Personalized, small group circuit BLAST classes (see below)

  • In-house Personal Training (additional cost)




During the 60 days we will hold several "mini" contests to ignite your competitive nature and keep you motivated. These will last anywhere from one day to an entire month and will each have their own winner/winners. Compete on elements like calorie burn, high power, attendance, mileage, blast sets and more! 



BLAST classes are 45 minute high intensity, fast paced, circuit training classes that are designed to improve your strength and endurance while toning and sculpting your muscles. 


Students move quickly through 10 stations incorporating the power of our brand new equipment including: battle ropes, a power tower, TRX suspension trainer, bikes, dumbbells/free weights, slam balls, BOSU balance trainer and much more!


Classes are limited to only 10 students in order to maintain the personalized attention from our highly accredited and experienced Personal Trainers.


ALL FITNESS LEVELS ARE WELCOMED AND ENCOURAGED! Our experienced trainers are accustomed to offering safe variations and alternatives to each exercise so that each student can be fully challenged and progress safely at their own pace


💥 💥 💥 💥 💥 


We are adding 5 Blast classes to the schedule starting THIS Wednesday, April 3rd! These will be in addition to our regular cycling schedule. We will announce the full schedule in this Sunday's weekly email.



(Open for booking this Sunday at 12pm)


Wed 4/3 - 8am Steph - 5:45pm • Adrienne

Thu 4/4 - 5:45pm • Jen Gura

Fri 4/5 - 5:30am • Angelica

Sun 4/7 - 7am • Jen Gura

(7am this week only due to fundraiser, 

normal time will be 11am)

Tue 4/9 - 8am • Nicole





All class packages can be used for both Ride and Blast class formats. 


All unlimited monthly members can purchase Ride Community Class Packages to use for Blast classes which have been further reduced to 20% off our regular rates, as follows:


1 class - $19

10 classes - $160

20 classes - $304

50 classes - $700



We are so excited for you to try BLAST! 


Circuit Training is fun, intense and incredibly effective in making desired changes in body composition - reducing fat and increasing muscle! Adding this format to your cardio is the perfect combination.

The small class size with personal attention from such high-calibre, motivating instructors will ensure that you are consistently pushing yourself to your full potential. The stronger you get, the more you burn, the better you feel!

We can't wait for you to try these awesome classes and experience their incredible effects!

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