your first class!

welcome! lets get you ready for your first visit!


what to wear- wear active, breathable form fitting clothing- plan to sweat!

what to bring- if you have cycling shoes- bring them to your ride! Sneakers are best for Blast. Our bikes accommodate SPD & Delta clips and sneakers. We have cycling shoes to rent and/or purchase in the lobby! 

Bring a credit card to keep on file with us so you can jump right in to our new client special!

hydrate- it's important that you hydrate before, during, and after class! We have a cold bottle of water waiting for you with your first class. 

upon arrival

arrive early- please arrive at least 20 minutes before your FIRST scheduled class. We want to show you around and ensure you are comfortable, safe and knowledgeable before go time!

sign in- there will be an iPad at the desk for you to check in before every class! If you would like to switch bikes indoor ride, you can do it here! we want you to get the right performance tracking stats post class!

lockers- we have lockers with keys in the lounge area to keep your valuables safe while you workout!

set up (ride)

bike set up- we have staff dedicated to making sure that you are both comfortable and safe at all times.  Once you are settled, please make sure that you connect with a member of staff to set you up on your bike for the first time.


clipping/ strapping in-  if you are wearing sneakers, we will show you how to ensure that the straps are tight and secure.  And if you are wearing indoor cycling shoes we will help you get clipped in every class until you are comfortable doing so on your own - just ask!


consoles- we will teach you about our Schwinn Echelon 2 Consoles so that you can get the maximum results from your ride.  Your instructor will refer to the POWER, GEAR and RPM's during class and help you to utilize these numbers to get the most efficient and effective workout possible.


red resistance knob - this is the knob you will use during your entire ride to control the "resistance" on your flywheel and change your gears.  This knob is ALSO YOUR SAFETY STOP!  If at any point you need to stop your ride - you simply push down hard on this knob and your feet will immediately stop!

you are in charge -  it is your instructors job to motivate everyone in the room...the newbies AND the veterans!  It is YOUR job to push yourself, BUT also listen to your body!  You work at whatever pace works for you, take breaks when you need to, drink lots of water... and know that you will get stronger with every workout!

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