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By Stephanie Barthold

Hello Challengers!

By now you probably know I workout a lot! I have a crazy schedule, and I also LOVE food. I usually don't have time or energy to put in to making an elaborate meal so I opt for these healthy choices as often as I can!

Let's start with breakfast...


These are YES!

I've tried a few different protein pancake mixes and this one is by far the best!

A little trick I taught myself is to add salt to the batter :) It makes all the difference, trust me.

They're so easy to make - you just add water to the powder and cook like a normal pancake and BOOM!

Their website has lots of different products and recipes if you like to get fancy! Check it out!

Next up, lunch / dinner

A salad is of course always a good go-to, but sometimes that leaves me craving something a bit more hardy (carbs) so I opt for something very simple and easy that I usually have stocked in my fridge and freezer. Chicken and rice :)

I prepare chicken breasts in a crock pot so that there are no oils or added fats coming from the cooking process. I season it first with lots of red pepper flakes, salt and pepper and whatever else I can find in my spice cabinet that looks good.

Then, I shred the chicken and pop in one of these steam fresh rice pouches in the microwave and I have a healthy, filling meal in about 5 minutes!


I always love a good hard boiled egg with salt and pepper - keeping those in the fridge is always a smart move.

Also, I go for flat pretzels with salsa if I'm craving something salty. Better than tortilla chips which have lots of trans fats and are high in calories. Snack factory makes these in a bunch of different awesome flavors too!

If it's my sweet tooth acting up, I do PB2, some vanilla protein powder, ice and almond milk (and sometimes a half a banana if I have it) in a blender - delish!

Also, plain greek yogurt, PB2, a few drops of liquid stevia, and frozen or fresh blueberries. I learned that from a dietician I follow on instagram and now I have it all the time!

Thanks for reading! I hope this helps!

If you have something that is easy and healthy and affordable, I would love for you to share it in the comments!!!

See you guys soon!


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